Misty is my wife, my inspiration, my hero.  A few years ago she was having some problems and was sent for an MRI.  A small cyst the size of a peanut was discovered. The doctor said it would probably never get any bigger and should never cause problems.  A couple of years later she was able to see a Neurologist.  He decided to do another MRI since he believed that if it had grown it could explain a lot of her problems.  The MRI showed it had grown to the size of a walnut.  Big Bertha.  After some research we decided to see Dr. Rosa in Tupelo.  He explained that because of the type of tumor and the location, removal could cause paralysis or death.  Both options are unacceptable!  On June 25, 2014 Misty soldiered through a dangerous surgery to insert an Ommayra Reservoir into the tumor. The reservoir has a tube that goes through the brain and into the tumor.  It can be pumped to draw fluid off the tumor.  In September 17 CC’s of fluid were pulled off.  In December, 31 CC’s.   It’s been a painful journey. There have been many days when she felt so horrible that getting out of bed was a major chore. She has had unimaginable head pain and pressure.  Changes in the weather are torture.  She has suffered memory loss and hearing and vision issues.  The other illnesses she has makes it even worse sometimes.  But through it all Misty has shown great courage and strength.  I am proud to be her husband.  This is why we are working so hard for Brain Tumor research and awareness.